Packaged Events 

Because sometimes you just don’t have the time to visualize, we’ve done it for you.  We’ve planned some events so well, we met with our vendors and developed a way to re-create them for you, including a themed menu, design plan, and options for custom branding.  And because a lot of the work has been thought through already, we can do these at a fraction of the cost.  Sound good? We thought so.

All of our packages include location selection, menus, decor, and onsite event staff.  We have additional options including upgraded AV/Production, Transportation, Live Bands, and more.  Pricing is set per person and ranges slightly based on the location you select and any upgrades you choose. 

Contact us for specifics - we would love to share more and make it work for you. 

DeVos 53.jpg

Beer City USA 

You KNOW we have this one down!  We love our city's title of Beer City USA and can celebrate its growing list of breweries with a fun Local Brew theme.  Look for warm tones, growlers, and chalk boards.  And expect a menu that compares to a delicious brewery and of course, local brews on tap. 



Everyone loves a good decade party.  We'll make yours their most favorite.  Choose from 20's, 50's, 70's, or 80's.  Pricing and selections vary based on the decade you choose - at about the range of hairspray application for each decade.   Watch out 80's.   


Bridge Events 

Grand Rapids has two amazing bridges in the heart of the convention campus.  We all want amazing, unique locations, but they usually come with the cost of shuttles.  The bridges offer a unique experience and the convenience of location to attendees - and we've mastered hosting events on them.  

Hydrangea 2.jpg

Rustic American 

We like to offer the All American Experience with red bandannas and lots of gingham or the "Chip and Joanna" look with a little bit more of a muted feel.  Either way, we offer your guests a true taste of Americana  and experiences on site to match.   If you have a lot of international attendees, this might be the package for you.  

DeVos 72.jpg

Nautical Theme 

Grand Rapids is nautical by nature - the Grand River flowing through the heart of the city and Lake Michigan just 30 minutes away - it only makes sense we have you prepped for a celebration of all things water based.   And look out for a new addition to the Grand River soon: Rapids.  We're pumped! 

Ice Skating.jpg


Jazz up your end of year celebration with our packaged cheer.  We can keep it as simple as some fab centerpieces or jazz it up to building an ice skating rink in the middle of a hotel ballroom.  But to be fair, the ice skating rink would be considered a bit of an upgrade on the package.