The Destination Consultants Promise 

We're Chatty. 
But Not Too Chatty. 

We know that you are bringing us on board to ease your to-do list.  Our standard is one weekly email sent to our main contact that includes a progress  update,  applicable reports, next steps, and questions for you. We will meet in the beginning to establish your preferences. We are here to save your to-do list and inbox.

Change Happens. 

Rarely is the initial plan the final plan - ever.  Right?  We are open, ready, and excited for changes along the planning process. When a major change happens in the planning process that affects the overall feel or budget of the event, a Change Log will be sent to you for approval before moving forward.  Remember that communication thing?  We meant it.  

We Always Bring Our A-Game. 

Our team has been carefully built based on varied strengths, talents, and experiences.  Our company focuses on loving your job and loving your life - and you will see both in our team.   Your experience with Destination Consultants will be fun, impressive, and comforting because you know you have the best possible team working for you. 

More Is Less. 

Put more on our list and yours will become so much less.  We have the tools and ability to manage many different facets for you - which means four different vendor meetings, emails, and phone calls can truly be one from us.  We are all about simplifying.  

You Can Set A Clock By Us. 

We are managing your project - which means we are constantly managing deadlines.  You will be given key dates (design plan, final update, etc.) in your initial contract that we will adhere to.  Expect deadlines met, high functioning meetings (with a summary afterwards) and complete awareness of your time.