So why the change? 


Basically, to match the brand we've all already been living.  We'll ask you the same question we ask ourselves - have you been to our office?  Have you met our team?  Do they match our (original) logo?  The answer is always a pretty solid 'nope'.  We want our logo and website to match who we are as a team and what we offer - fun, fresh, and stylish.   On top of that, we sculpted our company into specific services that we can better share with you.  Same talents, same  passion, better way of sharing it.  


DC Logo.jpg

What did the original one look like again? 

Destination Consultants was born after our owner, Amy Young, saw a need for a DMC (Destination Management Company) in Grand Rapids.  The growing city was booming with convention business, tourism, and corporate expansion, and a DMC would help all of these prosper.  

Like any enthusiastic entrepreneur, the focus was on the events.  The logo was just a formality.  It's cute - its a beginning.  But we are growing, and our look should too.  

Big Picture .jpg

What was your cue to change?

Kim: Do you love your logo? 

Amy: I guess?  Why? 

Kim: This office is your brand.  Not that logo.  They don't match.  This couch, those paintings, that wall - that is Destination Consultants.  The logo, not so much. 

Amy: OMG Right? Can we do a rebrand? 

Kim: On it.  

Teal Wall 2.jpg

What is your inspiration? 

In 2016, we moved into our great office, located in the Amway Grand Plaza, Curio Collection by Hilton.  The location wasn't chosen because we wanted to be close to a Starbucks (although a pretty sweet perk) - it was so that we could be conveniently located in the heart of most conventions in Grand Rapids.   

The office was designed with the talents of a local furniture company - fabulous desks, fresh lighting, and the mandatory spinning chairs.  Our signature teal wall became the inspiration for the color in our logo.  The splashes of greens, deep blues, bright whites, and cool greys all became a must for our future look.  

And it seems we were in the same mood as Maggie Banstra, whose artwork brings life to our walls.  

Seriously, come visit.  We love it here.  


Old Logos for web.PNG

Let's look at options: 

We put together some different looks - with an icon, without.  Lines, no lines.  One font, two fonts.  It was a lot.  Green - no dark blue - no, definitely teal.  And for sure not that color.  It all happened.  It was all discussed.  Maybe you'll see the ones to the right (partially) and disagree, but we think our new logo fits us best. 

At the end of the day, we realized our logo needs to be fresh and simple.  Because what we are offering to our clients is a fresh take and an outlet to simplify their to-do lists. 

For Wall.jpg

Okay so all of this over a new logo?

It's more than that.  Our new look is a new BRAND.  And our brand is a company that works hard to make your work less.  We offer a multitude of services you may not have known about before.  Yes, we plan amazing events.  We also manage ground transportation, inventive travel, team building, city tours, and more.  Oh, and if you haven't heard about our packaged events, let us tell you.  We have figured out a way to produce stellar themed events for you at a fraction of the costs.  On top of that, our team is packed with creative minds that love logistics.  We promise you a planning experience that genuinely makes your to-do list, meeting schedule, and stress level smaller.  How's that for a brand? 

And there ya have it.. 

We are so excited to share our new look with you - because our outside needed to match our inside.  And while it's whats inside that counts, we can't help but be proud of the overall package. 

Main Logo.RGB.png